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Our philosophy in 6 keys points:

Alpine primary bedroom







The ethos of MAREDI is that designing a space is like telling a story, which means that our designs are inspired by a client’s story, history, culture and legacy.

Matching our ambition of storytelling, MAREDI’s regenerative design approach is aimed at inspiring a healthier way of living and channeling a sustainable impact on people's lives and lifestyles.

By collaborating with makers and artisans, MAREDI chooses to champion craftsmanship and small businesses to promote quality of production, resulting in long-lasting design that transcends trends.

Through its multicultural nature, MAREDI offers a unique vision of functional, versatile and practical design that encourages authentic living. This rooted approach allows our design to emancipate itself from trends and lean into evolutionary habits.

Breaking away from an exclusive mindset, MAREDI believes in the impact that personal spaces have on our lives and therefore design should be approachable and attainable for everyone willing to invest in their well-being.

With a distinctive methodology, MAREDI believes in the collaborative design journey and creating a unique experience filled with discovery, learning and growth for each individual.

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