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City Experience - Philadelphia

As far as American cities go, Philadelphia is certainly not one that should be missed! Though most go to explore and immerse themselves in the history of the nation (certainly fascinating), there is another side to Philly to be uncovered, which includes its cultural influence and impact that stretches from music to cinema to food and beyond. Come for the history, but stay for the food!

Here is a day in Philadelphia with Maredi Design.

8.30 am // // Breakfast at Café Lift

To start off the day, what better place to fuel up than Café Lift. This brunch institution is serving delicious American breakfast classics from responsibly-sourced ingredients, most from local farms. The decor is set in this old refurbished factory paying homage to the industrial history of the city, while infusing a warm ambiance in this concrete atmosphere. The food comes in perfect portions to please your appetite, and their freshly roasted coffee is the best way to get your Philly adventure started!

Café Lift - 428 N 13th Street

10.45 am // Shopping at Beaux Art Video

We stumbled upon this little corner shop while walking around the city and discovering the traditional Georgian style houses in the neighborhood. This place is a true treasure trove where you can find anything and everything from vintage furniture to kitchen accessories to household trinkets. Let us warn you, it's nearly impossible to leave this place without a little souvenir. Pro tip: there's almost always room for a little haggling which makes the experience even more exciting.

Beaux Art Video - 1000 Spruce Street

1.00 pm // Lunch at Goldie

It might sound unconventional to opt for an Israeli food option when in Philly, but this place is just that good! This casual street food restaurant offers world class falafel sandwiches that you will be craving from the moment you leave. Everything is made to order with fresh ingredients, tucked into warm pita bread and perfectly layered with an incredible tahini sauce. Oh, and by the way, it's vegan too! To be perfectly honest, we’re not sure we had a better falafel sandwich since then… So, you’re welcome!

Goldie - 1526 Sansom Street

3.00 pm // Cruising into the Italian Market

Philadelphia is the home to one of the oldest Italian neighborhoods in America. These awning-covered sidewalks depict a vibrant legacy of the European migrations of the early 20th century, where you still find all types of establishments selling fresh products, specialty oils, spices, gelato and more. We have to confess, we cannot resist a good market as they are hard to come by - it's so thrilling being among the endless selection of specialty products.  Plus you can even channel a little Rocky Balboa while walking through these streets!

Italian Market - Washington Ave & S 9th Street 

7.00 pm // Dinner at Friday Saturday Sunday

We can no longer hold back in sharing one of our favorite restaurants in America. Honestly, we were lucky enough to get the recommendation straight from one of the most renowned chefs in the city (story for another day). This restaurant is at the top of any foodie insider's list of places to go in Philly. As a starter, come early and enjoy one of the craft cocktails served on the first floor bar of this Rittenhouse gem. When your table is ready, make your way upstairs to the salle à manger where you will undoubtedly enjoy some incredible creations from chef Chad Williams. Saying it’s delicious is an understatement; it is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Friday Saturday Sunday - 261 S 21st Street



A song:

The Roots - You Got Me

(feat. Erykah Badu & Eve)

A character:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

🎶 In west Philadelphia born and raised 🎶

A movie:

King Georges

Directed by Erika Frankel


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