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Current Inspiration #1

We are thrilled to share our current inspiration in this new format with all of you! As designers, our creativity is fueled by our surroundings - visits, experiences, music, movies, conversations, colors, shapes...the list goes on! Here are the things we cannot stop thinking about:

"Dimensions of Citizenship" exhibit @ Wrightwood659

A serious must see (until April 27th)! This is such a fascinating exploration into our roles as citizens and what it means on a global scale, from an architectural and design driven perspective. Be prepared to spend some time on this one. Also, know that this comes straight to Chicago from the Venice Biennial.

Art Deco Vibes

[obvious not so obvious] French connections mean this is a pretty constant source of inspiration - the vivid colors, lavish materials and finishes, symmetry and geometric forms, oh and the craftsmanship. We were even able to channel this in our latest project at the bridal boutique [check it out here].

Solange's When I Get Home

Feel good vibes on this one! It's been on repeat for us. Her melodic voice is so soothing and the funky beats get you moving while you explore this artistic work.

Thoughtful table settings or art de la table, as the French say

(...they did invent it after all).

Something that has become a new trend on this side of the ocean but has always been an essential in any French household, emboldened by its simplicity and imperfections. Something we have held onto since we left France…


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