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Current Inspiration #10

Fall is here and so is our latest inspiration. As always, we have included a curated mix of some of the things currently fueling our professional practice, curiosity and creativity. Perhaps you will even find a little inspiration of your own...and if you feel so inclined, reach out with any questions or thoughts you find yourself with. Enjoy the read!

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Made in Serbia

This brand is dear to our hearts, especially since it originates where one half of MAREDI has strong family ties, aka. Serbia. GIR is the embodiment of revival Balkan design, rediscovering the ancient wood craftsmanship and savoir-faire of the region, while adding a modern twist. The pieces produced are of the highest quality and finishes with an impeccable minimalistic design, made out of the finest ash woods (natural and colored). Trust us, keep an eye out for this brand, you will see more of them very soon!

A cinephile approach to streaming

MUBI has been our secret remedy against the "Netflix syndrome". No more doom scrolling and infinite choices because the selection is already made for you. Plus, the movies you will find on this platform are absolutely unique and European-leaning with an optimal mix of award-winning movies, exclusive productions and art-house highlights. Here are some of the movies on our watchlist for next few weeks:

  • Matthias & Maxime by Xavier Dolan

  • Diary of a Chambermaid by Luis Buñuel

  • Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero

For us, it's the streaming service that we will never cancel! Action! 🎬 🍿

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A sustainable market practice

In our quest for a more sustainable way of living, getting fresh and local products is pretty high on our list. Coming from a European background, market day is always a special day of the week. It's a moment of connection with local producers, a moment of pure creation when you're crafting the current week's menu, and also a moment of self control when you have to restrain yourself from buying everything in front of you (summer fruit & fall mushrooms 🤤)! Another advantage of a well stocked farmer's market is the possibility to be more in tune with your environment and seasonal products. It may not always be the most economical option, especially here in the US, but we believe it is a necessary investment to make for your own well-being and to promote sustainable agriculture and consumption.

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Free as a remote entrepreneur

Imposed or chosen, remote working has been a recurrent trend for a while, especially throughout the ongoing pandemic. For us, it's always been an attractive way of living and a pillar in our business from early on. At this point, we can say that our professional (& personal) activity is fully remote, crafted thanks to a list of our portable must-haves (more on this topic in an upcoming series 😉). As far as the greatest advantages in this choice of style of work, it allows (and encourages) you to explore a more minimalistic way of working. You have to evaluate what is worth carrying around and what should be left behind (do you really need all this paperwork?). Of course, each industry and profession is different, but with certain service-based and/or client-interfacing industries, we believe that you should have the opportunity to work wherever you want to be. For us, we regularly set up shop between the Midwest in the US and the Loire Valley in France... A regular change of scenery is also a great way to fuel your creativity!


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