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Current Inspiration #11

Not unlike our previous editions, this latest round of current inspiration is composed of our admiration for fellow creatives, some gastronomy centric delightfulness, and personal insight into foundational pillars for us, both in and out of business. As always, our goal is to share something new with all of you, which we hope stimulates some curiosity and excitement, enticing you to stay tuned to these periodic releases of our Current Inspiration 😊

Until then, enjoy the read!

© Dock6 Collective

Design made in Chicago

Throughout our journey as entrepreneurs, we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with brilliant craftspeople to bring our all of our visions to life. That was the case in early 2020 when we worked with Zak Rose on the Belle Bridal Atelier showroom. We had a vision of delicate floating metal racks stemming from the uber-high ceiling, and found a way to make that happen. Lucky for us (and our fellow admirers-of-the-most-talented-artisans), Zak is part of an incredible collective of designers and fabricators making a mark on the art of creation. Dock6 recently released a beautiful collection of furniture and accessories that we are eager to use in future projects (and our own space!). Each piece exudes quality and skill of the makers who crafted them with such intention and care. Go check them out — you will thank us later!

Expanding our cooking library

Cooking is something very important to us. It is certainly part of our daily routine, and the highlight of most weekends when we have carefully selected the latest “new” dish we plan to master. While we have a strong rotating repertoire of recipes, finding new gems to add to the mix has become our personal mission. Just like everyone, we have our favorite Instagram foodie/chef influencers and our go-to food websites, but these are no match for a classic, good old-fashioned cook book! 😊 We’ve been long-time fans of Eric Wareheim’s work as an entertainer on shows like Tim & Eric or Masters of None, but he has developed and shared a new passion for food and wine with his audience. And we have been loving it!! We have had the pleasure of tasting his wines (Las Jaras), and now, we are thoroughly enjoying his cook book, Foodheim. From pickling to pizza to schnitzel, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone, not to mention his thoughtfully concocted captions and texts full of comedic relief.

© Maredi Design

A minimalistic resolution

Minimalism is a subject we started to get comfortable with a few years ago. That is to say, our journey was only beginning. Purging here and then has felt therapeutic, but somehow, we only skimmed the surface. Following an unexpected turn of events with our move last year, tied with long-term stays in Europe over the past couple of years, we have committed to getting this minimalism thing right. There are so many ways to interpret this philosophy depending on how deep you want to dive. For now, our method starts with the simple question, “Do I really need that?” It has felt more liberating than any other exercise we have done, and it has seriously forced us to reconsider our consumption habits (we’ve applied the whole philosophy to shopping, food waste, recycling, etc).

It is not an overnight process, but rather a choice in lifestyle, a journey to embark on. There are different levels and depths to explore and consider, and overall, it is really about finding balance that suits you. We can all aspire to be more intentional in our consumption of goods and products and what we own.

Our rule of thumb: for anything new that we purchase, we must rid ourselves of one thing (donation, upcycling and recycling is the order of consideration).

© Maredi Design

Looking for more sustainable materials

As eco-conscious and concerned humans, a topic of significant importance to us in our design practice is sustainability. From furniture to materials to construction processes, it is a topic that occupies our minds in our desire to limit the impact of design, renovation and construction on the environment. The first step towards impact is action and to us, that means prioritizing local artisans and craftspeople and materials in our projects. We always focus on preservation or reuse wherever possible, instead of outright replacement. When we are replacing, we always consider salvaged materials, vintage and secondhand. This philosophy is very fitting for the majority of our projects, which are oftentimes in older homes, even better when they are old, historic houses! When we get to the point of considering new elements in the space, we favor our environmentally-conscious vendors, partners and brands who use sustainable materials and practices. Educating clients is always a top priority, especially in terms of sustainable and eco-friendly options throughout their design journey. With one design project at a time, we hope to enlighten and inspire our clients to prioritize the environment on a daily basis.


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