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Current Inspiration #13

As the cozy fall evenings set in and the air gets crisper, we are reminded just how quickly time passes. Being intentional on taking time to reflect on our own growth, inspiration, and goals as people and as a design practice is something we love to do, hence this periodic newsletter. And this latest edition delivers bits of all of those elements!

By now you are accustomed to the MAREDI.ism, where we cover favorite sustainable and durable brands and materials, some important practices for us (and maybe for you, too), and of course, some current cultural influence in our lives. Feel free to share what has been your source of inspiration as we transition into this new season!

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The top of countertops

Some may have noticed that our design practice has been intentionally evolving into a space where we focus more on an environmentally conscious approach to interiors/design. Limiting and reducing our environmental impact is accomplished through many aspects, not least by identifying the appropriate brands and collaborators for our projects. In that regard, we are more than happy to share our fandom for Cosentino, one of our go-to's for everything that is countertops. From the quality and durability of the products to the sustainably-focused production practices (renewable energy powered, circular economy focused), this is a company that truly aligns with our ethos and design philosophy. An added perk is the fact that they are a Spanish brand, which means that we can easily incorporate their products on either side of the ocean. No need to look further for your next kitchen renovation! 😇

PS - Check out one of our recent projects featured by Cosentino

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Taking it slow in your special place

We all have a special place somewhere where we like to go to recharge, take a step back and reflect. For a while now, this has been one of our places. In this small Alpine village (turned ski resort in the winter) located on the border between France and Italy, we take some time to unwind, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With the spectacular views and stunning nature, our time here oftentimes generates some inspiration. After all, that is what life is about: making time to close the computer, unplug and enjoy the present moment. For us, it has even been therapeutic. We highly recommend finding your special place and visiting it as often as possible!

Terrazzo floor in the streets of Bologna (IT)

A healthy dose of terrazzo

Terrazzo is a fascinating material that we just cannot get enough of. You have probably seen terrazzo around the world, mostly as flooring, in public places or ancient sites, but in the last 10 years or so, there has been a particular resurgence in the residential space. This ultra resistant composite material made out of marble chips and other natural aggregates on a concrete base is the ultimate versatile addition that can transform a kitchen or a bathroom into a one-of-a-kind design creation. The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of creativity, the results can be transformationally spectacular. Luckily, there are a few brands out there that are pushing the boundaries of this material to make it a viable, healthy alternative - more on that in our next edition! 😉

The Queen of Renaissance

The release of a new Beyoncé album is always a momentous occasion in this company (and household). With one half of the MAREDI duo being such a diehard fan, getting acquainted with any of Queen B’s new bodies of work is a process full of inspiration and excitement. From the melody, to the lyrics, to the visuals, there is so much to be extracted and appreciated from such artistry. Perhaps the most thrilling aspect of this project is that it is only the first part of a three part series. We will know soon enough what comes next, but for now, we are reveling in the perfect dance music revival that will undoubtedly remain the soundtrack of our summer 2022 (and beyond). In the MAREDI playlist, you can definitely expect to hear Cuff it, Energy and All Up In Your Mind 🙃


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