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Current Inspiration #2

Spring is here and so is our latest inspiration! From music to cinema to hobbies, we have a diverse spectrum when it comes to fueling our creativity...


She has been all over the news the past weeks, and what a masterpiece she delivered. The musical talent is undeniable but what lingers long after the music ends is the incredible hommage to culture and society. The carefully crafted details is what makes this performance a significant and defining moment in music history.

Simply brilliant!

Biking the city

Our end-of-winter resolution (and habit we brought back from Paris) is something we have been dedicated to. It takes planning and motivation, but choosing the bike over the car/public transport gives us a refreshed perspective. In an urban city like Chicago, biking has seriously transformed our commute and encouraged a sense of freedom and happiness, while allowing us to rediscover our surroundings. And that's not counting the environment benefits!

Agnès Varda's Salut les cubains

In this 1963 documentary/photo-essay, the visionary French director Agnès Varda uses 1500 pictures she took during her trip that year to give us a one-of-a-kind look at Cuba in the post-revolution years. It's beautiful, funny and smart while giving us a unique feel for this [our] bucket list island.

A must-see work of art!

Bring greenery home

As lifelong plant killers (not out of will), we are trying to teach ourselves how to take care of plants at home. Nothing beats a nice set of succulents or a full grown rubber tree plant to finish a beautifully designed interior. We're still learning and have a ways to go, but we love filling spaces with greenery!

Long live the house plants!


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