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Current Inspiration #4

With the change of season comes our latest edition of inspiration! This time around, we are sharing brands, activities, businesses and quality TV that's been on our mind! Creative fuel can be found in many forms...

EQ3 Lincoln Park store

Long live Canadian design!

If you’re looking for quality and craftsmanship in furniture with an unbeatable price point, look no further than EQ3. This Canadian brand based in Winnipeg is consistently in our repertoire of options when we work with conservative budgets. The best part is that we never have to compromise quality or design when we work with EQ3. For our team, we choose this brand time and time again because it produces timeless pieces, not the latest trends. This distinction helps carve out its space as a leader in defining Canadian design. With two beautiful stores in Chicago already, EQ3 is on the rise while leaving a deep impression on their American neighbors. From furniture to accessories, it's nearly impossible to leave a store empty handed. We dare you to try!

Looking for hidden gems

New life for old treasures

The thrill of thrifting is unparalleled for us. The best part is that we never know what we are going to find, so there are always surprises! Clearly this is not an activity for the faint of heart since it requires motivation, focus and determination. Our approach is simple: we keep a running list of things we are always seeking and scour the location, be it flea markets, second-hand shops, vintage boutiques or auctions. Occasionally, when there is something very specific we need for a project or client, we divide and conquer. Reusing, upcycling, reviving - these are the rewards of "thrift" shopping. Giving a piece of furniture or an object a second life is not only a great story, but it's also good for our planet.

A perfectly preserved decor at the Logan Theatre

The theater experience in Logan Square

We love supporting small businesses both in regards to our profession as well as personally! Even better when we can support our local Chicago businesses! One of our absolute favorites is Logan Theatre for a truly original and authentic cinema experience. This place is an art deco gem filled with an impressive amount of restored original details mixed with Hollywoodian memorabilia from past decades. Beyond the historical preservation, the diverse programming is thoughtfully done to appeal to a wide array of audiences. Something of particular note: the late-night series throughout the year. With Halloween right around the corner, you should definitely check out Horror Movie Madness happening all month. Oh, and did we mention that you can pair your bag of popcorn with a delicious Old Fashioned or your personal drink of choice? That's our kind of movie night!

Hamptons interior in Succession © HBO

High society open house

There are entirely too few enthralling bodies of work on TV with powerful storylines, complex characters and spectacular set design. Succession is one of these. Beyond the aforementioned qualities, the location scouts (and designers) for season two have done a phenomenal job! Careful selection of settings across New York City, the Hamptons, and throughout Europe compromise no ounce of detail in showcasing the life of the uber rich, upper echelons of elite society. Most episodes are filmed in actual estates (as opposed to sets), and in some cases, they are using original pieces from the owners, adding authenticity as well as historical value. Not only does Succession feed a travel lover's dreams, but it showcases another depth of design detail against various cultural backdrops. Definitely worth checking out!


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