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Current Inspiration #5 // Holiday Edition

The holiday season is in full swing! We’re sharing some of our best tips for hosting and entertaining, whether it’s for the wintery festivities or just because you love gathering people. The most important rule to remember: there are no rules. Be authentic and unique and don’t be afraid to go off script as the host/hostess.

Sometimes simplicity is best

Set a table that feels like you

We’ve certainly mentioned this before, but there is an actual art to table dressing (or as the French call it Art de la Table). But this should not seem intimidating! The best tables are brought to life when there is intent, thought and emotion in the preparation. Afterall, this is a space that will be shared among family and friends, likely for several hours. Any attentive host wants their guests to feel welcomed as they gather around the table, set with just the right ambiance. Of utmost importance, at least in our opinion, is to be creative -- mix vintage with new, add some greenery or floral details, embrace imperfection, don’t worry about matching and don’t forget the vin ;)

Opinel steak knife with olive wood handle

Get the right cutlery with Opinel

Nothing compliments the perfect meal better than proper cutlery. Beyond just the meal, a thoughtfully composed table setting never fails to incorporate the appropriate tools. Many options exist, but we are loyal to one of our all-time favorites: Opinel. This family-owned business has been crafting knives since the late 19th century next to the Alps, with a majority of production still coming from the region. Their ”Couteau de Table” collection is the perfect harmony  between traditional and modern design, not to mention their durability. With a very reasonable price point, these knives can compete among the best ones, with the primary advantage being their lesser-known status in the U.S., meaning everyone will be raving about your unique and authentic cutlery choice! You’re welcome!

Some traditions are worth keeping

The perfect finale

But art de la table doesn’t end with the dining experience. It continues with the final act - the digestive. Though a tradition less practiced in the U.S. (but easily adoptable), a meal in France or Serbia, for example, would not be complete without the proper finale! If discussion, debate or friendly banter have not yet made their debut in the show, now is their moment of glory. As everyone settles in after a delicious meal, the digestive’s purpose is just that: assisting in digestion. It disrupts the food coma just enough to awaken any missed or forgotten topics of conversation. Nothing beats the ever-so-slight yet pleasant warming sensation of an aged Calvados or perfectly plum Rakija as it goes down. Živeli!

Our favorite song from SebastiAn's new album Thirst

A sound that looks like us

Off the beaten path certainly, but guaranteed to set the perfectly eclectic background buzz at your dinner party, this album is a must-not-miss! Since its release last month, Thirst, and more specifically this song, have been the soundtrack to our life. The French DJ/Producer, SebastiAn, with a not-so-obvious Serbian upbringing (remind you of something? 😙) has been one of our favorites for a while, but this time around, he has elevated the sound, music and experience. From dark electro to dreamy ritournelle or a catchy melody, this album has so much to offer, with new discoveries with each replay. One thing is for sure, the song Beograd will be top on our playlist for a while. Just try to resist the beat!


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