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Current Inspiration #6

Our current roundup of our latest inspiration focuses on living with less, giving old objects a second chance, supporting the female underdog and getting lost in the world of a creative genius. Even as we are living in strange times, there is uplifting creativity and inspiration to be found around us!

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Looking forward to July!

Wes Anderson is certainly a one-of-a-kind visionary and a major source of inspiration in our creation process. His upcoming movie, French Dispatch, has us bursting with excitement. The cinematography, the cast, the set design, the plot -- everything is so carefully concocted to create a universe that only Mr. Anderson has the ability to construct. His approach to creativity is incredibly inspirational as it is a reminder that no detail is ever too small and everything should be considered when you use your imagination. If you’re a jumping-in-your-seat-can’t-stand-the-wait fan, you can revisit one of his lesser known classic shorts, Hotel Chevalier, filmed in Paris and starring Nathalie Portman. Un chef d’oeuvre!

New life to old objects

We’ve mentioned it before, but we REALLY love thrifting. Beyond the excitement of never knowing what you’re going to find, it falls into our principles of sustainability in the design sector. With so much wastage constantly produced in our field, whenever we can “reuse” and “upcycle,” we jump at the opportunity. It takes a little skill to assess the item and determine what your labor investment will include in the form of DIY talents, in most cases (or when you may need professional assistance). But there’s nothing more rewarding that breathing new life into a lived object. Lately, we’ve been particularly fascinated by vintage tableware accessories - dinnerware, flatware, linens, you name it! We discovered a beautiful set of 19th century butter knives that were begging for a little love. So, with the help of Goddard’s Silver Polish, we revealed the lustrous and authentic silver beauties laying under all that tarnish. There’s a lot you can do with a little bit of imagination and patience!

A refreshing paint brand

A forever dilema for most people: choosing the right paint brand/color/finish. Something that makes a statement and impact in your space can often feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. Until you discover Clare Paint. With a curated selection of a manageable array of paint colors, at an unbeatable price point, the process has never been this simple. When you finally narrow down your options, but need to experience the color in the space, look no further than the ultimate sample experience with the peel and stick swatch options. We tried and tested this paint ourselves and we must admit, we’re obsessed with the ease of application and even more so with the lush creaminess of the color Wing It!

Bonus: This paint start up is run by the dynamic Nicole Gibbons, a talented interior designer disrupting the industry. Who run the world?

A Spring of purging

The environment is everyone’s responsibility, but how each person approaches the global climate crisis is an entirely different topic. Having more “stuff” than we know what to do with is a relatively new concept that’s occurred over the last several decades. A century ago, people’s relationship to consumption was significantly less than today, even among the elite. However, here we are in the midst of popular movements such as Marie Kondo-ing your entire home in hopes of finding inner peace and ridding your space of unneeded objects. Our personal belief is that you don’t need to live in extremes (you can keep some objects even if they don’t offer you intense happiness), but you should be thoughtful of what you really need and what you really use. The more space we have, the easier it becomes to unconsciously fill it. Our advice: Spring cleaning is an excellent [yearly] practice/assessment of your personal inventory. Pro tip: Break it down, room by room. This is not a project to tackle in a day, so space it out over a few weekends throughout March, April and May. Ready, get set, go!


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