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Current Inspiration #9

Summer is in full swing, and so is our latest round of inspiration. Our eco-consciousness is growing and becoming more of a pillar in our lives and work, the way we work (and where we work) is shifting and evolving, and every once in a while, an unexpected piece of media entertainment knocks us off our feet. These are just a few of the subjects that have been on our minds lately... Enjoy the read!

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Hacking the kitchen game

It's an insider tip we are giving you here, as BOXI is a brand new initiative launched by Semihandmade a few months ago. If you are not already familiar with Semihandmade, it is one of the leading companies for Ikea hacks, essentially creating enhancements and upgrades for Ikea cabinets. The concept is simple: using an Ikea base, they provide a variety of selections for doors, hardware and accessories to create a customized piece of furniture, taking it beyond the realm of standard Ikea quality and expectations. With BOXI, they bypassed the Ikea structure entirely, instead opting for structures that are entirely fabricated by their own team. Their offerings are carefully curated to provide simple options that won't overwhelm you, with competitive pricing and a focus on sustainability in their production and fabrication. For a conservative budget, this can be a really great option without compromising on the quality and durability!

© Amy Williams

Masters of Love

This show came to us as an unexpected piece of magical and raw brilliance. We loved the first two seasons of Masters of None for multiple reasons, but this time around, things are a bit different. This three hour cinematic chef d'oeuvre stands out with its originality, from the beauty of the decor to the quality of the actors. But don't expect a light-hearted story here - Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe dive into gritty and candid subject matters involving marriage troubles, fertility issues and the impact of success on an intimate relationship. The entire story unfolds in one place - a meticulously designed set (can you believe it!) where every design element has been curated and crafted by the production designer, Amy Williams. This incredibly intimate setting serves as the only back drop imaginable to capture the unraveling of Denise and Alicia's moments in love.

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Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

Reducing our environmental impact has been a particularly significant project and mission for us. Professionally and personally, we are always looking for new ways to optimize our energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint and limit our waste creation. Coming from a European background, waste management has always been a concern and knowing how poor the Chicago waste system is, we knew we needed to make a larger effort on an individual level. So a few months ago we decided to start composting, and it has made a world of difference! As avid fruit and veggie consumers, our daily waste has drastically been reduced, and even better that our waste is now being used locally to stimulate and support more agriculture and gardening initiatives, both big and small. Check out Block Bins and Compost Club for more info!

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Away we go!

If remote working was a growing trend pre-pandemic, it is now most definitely a significant movement for global work conditions and standards. We have all experienced it in various capacities, but working from home takes discipline and organization for viable success. Oftentimes, working where you live can feel tiring and even depleting. That's why, on our end, we have been practicing and experimenting with the "work away from home" concept. When your schedule and your budget allows for it, this is an ideal way to generate a new perspective and activate motivation and efficiency in an outside setting. Whether it be a few days, a week or an entire month, a change of scenery can inspire renewed energy and focus in your work. In our latest experiment, we spent a week of work in northern Wisconsin (in a mid-century inspired A-frame cabin) this past June, and there is a good chance we will be back there in the fall 😊


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