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New Space

March 16, 2023

Entrepreneurship has been a wild ride. It has most definitely been the most unexpected choice I ever made (I never imagined this), filled with endless surprises, both good and less good. Entrepreneurship with my life partner, however, has been the most fulfilling, reassuring and satisfying choice I ever made. Everyday is an affirmation that this choice was unequivocally right for us. And as we laid our professional foundation, we embarked on another challenge to create a business that represents our value system, which has undoubtedly been one of the more complex aspects of this journey.

Some might ask what that even means or what that looks like within the realm of interior design. And that is certainly a valid question and something that we spent a lot of time considering. Seemingly, the answer was always there, but it has taken us some time to articulate and translate what we always knew: we aim to create spaces that reflect the the people who use it, that tell their story, if you will. But even more important is that these spaces prioritize the health of the people (and respect the planet), so the materials that we choose to use need to align with certain standards for healthy materials because above all, we esteem that our actions must be measured by our environmental impact. This is the foundational aspect of our business, and where this new journey for us begins. More learning, discovering new methods and solutions, recognizing failure, being resilient when things seem impossible, addressing the fear of navigating new territories within sustainable living, and always pushing ourselves to minimize the negative impact that our projects could have on the environment.

So, by creating this new space, our hope is to be able to share a little more intimately and personally with all of you about our experience in navigating all things related to entrepreneurship, design and creativity, and sustainability practices. We hope you'll continue to tune in.


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