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The beginning of our design journey

Greetings from Logan Square, Chicago

Our individual passion for design is one of the first things we ever shared. Marc and I grew up on opposite sides of the world, with very different cultural influences and references, but each with our own “eye for design.” I have been the lead designer and contractor for all interior projects in my parent’s home, from childhood to present, carefully applying an adaptable aesthetic to reflect the various transformations of our evolving family. Marc has more lucratively turned his passion into a career as a successful workplace designer creating practical and functional office spaces and incorporating locally designed pieces and second-hand furniture for some of Europe’s top startups.

Our own personal fascination with design has uniquely blossomed thanks to our globe trotting experiences, which enabled us to integrate into local cultures and understand foreign perspectives. Paris allowed us to cultivate an appreciation for historic and detailed architecture, which fueled our interest in antiquing. A favorite pastime quickly became browsing through local brocantes (flea markets), discovering endless treasures. When we finally found ourselves living in New York, our rhythm ramped up tenfold as we frequented the hippest showrooms and local design trade shows, exploring the latest design trends to keep up with the buzz.

After all of these global adventures, Chicago feels like a reflection of our design mindset and our ideal creative environment. There is old mixed with new. There is modern among the historically-preserved. And most importantly, there is always character and comfort. The architecture is authentic and has transcended decades with timeless masterpieces that continue making a statement. This can also be observed on the interior, where details tell a story of their own, reflective of historical time periods and the people that occupied each space. Be it the lavish detail of art deco influence or the shape and lines of modern design, there is a place for each in this city. The range of design aesthetic is vast and unique, yet harmonious in this bustling environment.

What we’ve come to understand along our journey is just how much each of our beloved cities has impacted our approach to design, and this is something we feel ready to share with the world. We are ready to dedicate ourselves to helping people discover how design and lifestyle coexist. From designing a new space or even reinventing an old space, applying a design philosophy that resonates with a person or a family’s lifestyle is so essential. It is a form of storytelling that you share with each person who enters your space. Evoking emotional connections and creating a particular ambiance within a space is at the center of our design philosophy. Over-curation and unlimited financial boundaries do not constitute smart and beautiful design. Incorporating creativity and encouraging imagination is what brings a story — or design — to life. Our hope is to help clients bring their stories to life, space by space.


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