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The objects of our lives

Objects in our home

The two of us have a particular affinity for objects with a previous life…that tell a story. It’s strange, this attachment one can develop to old things. In our home, we both have a certain fondness for objects in our possession. These are objects that range from family heirlooms, to secondhand books, to art or ceramics purchased on our travels. We truly take great care in selecting the objects we count among our personal possessions because there is a certain energy created by each piece that impacts us and our home. This is energy that inspires us in our design process.

As designers, we strive to personalize each project and space by making it reflective of the people who live there. Personalization is key in creating a home and creating a space with character. It is also how the story of a space is created.

Our design philosophy and vision is built upon storytelling. Every space, person or brand has a story to tell. Every detail and decision made about a space helps in telling a story. However, a beautiful space cannot rest upon great design alone; it is shaped by the objects found within. And nothing adds a stronger personal touch than incorporating objects with personal meaning.

Our homes are some of the most intimate places. They are a piece of us because they are the space that we occupy daily. It is the space where we spend our lives, where we create our memories and where we grow. It is a space that is reflective of who we are as people and how we live. The details of this space represent the pillars of our own personal story. The objects we choose to display in our space represent pieces of our lives. And sometimes, the personal attachment we may feel to our objects can run deep. Sometimes it may even seem irrational, but the truth is that these objects are little mementos of our lives.

On a personal level, we choose the objects and pieces in our home based on functionality and practicality, yes, but also because they bring joy to our lives. If there is not some level of joy that we can find in an object, then we do not see a need for it. From the second hand record player, to the Serbian painting, and everything in between, the objects we have chosen reflect pieces of our culture, our passions, and our inspiration. This mentality has allowed our home to organically blossom. We believe that by investing in meaningful possessions, our home is filled with good energy. If our objects bring us joy, then we in turn emit positivity that fills our space. Somewhere along the way in this cycle, we turn our home into our personal sanctuary.


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